2020 Westley Awards success for Josh Richardson

We are pleased to announce that Josh Richardson has been recognised in the ‘highly commended’ runner-up category of the 2020 Westley Awards for Church Bell Maintenance for his work on the bells and fittings at Dunsfold and especially at Hascombe.  Josh has coordinated team effort at both towers to improve lighting and sound control, remove debris and install safety features.  

The Westley Awards are aimed particularly at encouraging young people who have become involved in belfry maintenance within the last five years. Seven of the eight nominees for this year’s award were under 25.  

The winner, Sue McClaughry of the Truro DG, and the four runnersup were announced on 29th July 2020 via a Zoom webinar hosted by the Central Council’s Stewardship and Management Workgroupwith Tom Westley of the sponsoring Westley Group making the (virtual) presentations.   

Josh was later presented with his certificate in person by Alison Hodge, CC SMWG leader and coordinator of the Westley Awards, at a smallsuitably distanced gathering at Dunsfold Church on 10th August.   

Further details of the 2020 Westley Awards can be found on the Central Council website at https://cccbr.org.uk/2020/08/05/westley-award-for-church-bell-maintenance-2020/ and are reported in the 7th August issue of The Ringing World. 


Alison Hodge, Josh Richardson, Chris Rogers

Josh receiving his certificate from Alison Hodge at Dunsfold, with Chris Rogers in attendance.