6 Bell Striking Competition at Newdigate, Saturday 5th September 2015

The Annual Leatherhead District 6 bell striking competition will be held at Newdigate on Saturday 5th September from 7.30 pm.

All Towers in the district are invited, encouraged even, to enter a band.

Full details of the competition rules will be released very soon, however the aim of the evening is to produce the best possible striking.
This is also a social event with a very convenient pub in which to mull over the results.

The winning band will be presented with the Jangler’s Jug to hold until the next Leatherhead District Striking Competition.

A number of towers, but not all so far, are entering a band for the competition and the remaining Tower Captains are encouraged to select their band accordingly – it promises to be a fun evening with a useful purpose.

Please plan your travelling arrangements to allow a prompt start.

A Poster is attached for display in your Tower.

I look forward to seeing you all there !