Change Ringing for the Future


This is one of the focal points of the upcoming Central Council Meeting…

Change Ringing for the Future – May 2015.

“…The ageing population of ringers combined with the increasing challenge in attracting today’s youngsters means we have a problem. Towers are quietly falling silent and the numbers of people ringing their first peals is dropping dramatically year on year. In some areas, the standards of change ringing are not being maintained and energy is seen as slipping away in the existing organisation. The CCCBR Regional Seminars held over 2013/14 and a survey demonstrated what could be done by generating debate and dialogue about what works. It is now time to take stock about how we are all using our precious resources and to look at developing new and smarter ways of attracting, recruiting, training and then motivating new ringers so we retain them long term…” (taken from: Change Ringing for the Future – May 2015).

At the Central Council Meeting this year (May 2015) our Central Council Representatives have been asked to comment on the following items:

  • Your guild’s strengths and success stories others could learn from e.g. recruitment initiatives, training events;
  • Activities currently taking place across local geographical boundaries – success stories e.g. striking contests, recruitment campaigns;
  • Your area’s key desires and needs in terms of recruitment and training e.g. shortage of conducting skill, lack of young ringers;
  • Possible ways you could consider to work together with others e.g. youth events, intense courses.

If you would like to comment on any of these points then please email our Central Council Representatives: Guild Officers.