Contacting towers and Guild officers by email

All Tower Contacts and Guild Officers have ‘anonymised’ email addresses. We don’t put the names, postal addresses or email addresses of tower contacts under the details for each tower, to help to protect privacy.  Instead, each tower contact’s email address uses the formula

towername is usually the obvious parish name, such as Ashtead, Chertsey, Farnham.

Thus, to email the Farnham tower contact, use the address

Where there is more than one tower in a town, then the names take the form, e.g.:

Where you are emailing a District officer, the email address is in the form:
, e.g.:
; or

If you are contacting a Guild Officer, then the same system applies, but the prefix is guild:, e.g.:

If you are not sure of a particular email address, then you can look up the tower name or officer’s name on the website and if you click on the link, the correct email address will be presented to you.

How does the system send the email to the right person?
We have a separate directory of the contact’s real email address.  If a tower contact or officer changes their email address or someone else takes on the job, please inform the Guild Secretary and PRO

so that we can update the directory.

The website contact details are updated as required, so should be more up-to-date than those printed in the Guild Report.  However, we do suggest that each tower contact and officer should email a test message to themselves from time to time and let us know of problems.