First Young Ringers’ Practice Success (Ashtead)!

YoungRingersSaturday 7th March was the first of our Guildford Guild Young Ringers’ practices. This was held at Ashtead, an easy-going, medium sized ring of eight (12cwt – 3qr – 26lb). We had an amazing attendance of 14 young ringers and their parents (some of whom were ringers themselves) who enjoyed a coffee break downstairs run by Kathy Pearson and Margaret Bale during the practice.

The young ringers and helpers hailed from nine towers within The Guild: Ashtead, Buckland, Capel, Epsom, Horsell, Merrow, Ockley, Witley and Yorktown. Can we beat this next time?

The practice was run by David Pearson, supported by Mike Bale, Quentin Armitage and Jacqueline Brown. The adults mainly stayed out of the ringing and stepped in only when the young ringers needed any handling/technical assistance or guidance.

Even though it was incredibly busy up the tower, we managed to ring lots of Rounds and Call Changes, Plain Hunt on seven and even a course of Plain Bob Major (including the help of three adults). A lot of progress was made and ‘firsts’ accomplished. For some it was the first time they had rung on eight bells, for others it was the first time they had run plain hunt on seven but it was a first for everyone to experience that number young people ringing together in the Guildford Guild for many years!

At the end, the young ringers were rewarded with chocolate cake and refreshments whilst the ringing parents went up the tower for a ‘grab’ themselves.

The next practice is Saturday 11th April at Witley, at the same time: 4:30-6:00. We hope to see lots more of you again!

By Jacqueline Brown