GDG 10-bell Striking Competition, St Andrew’s, Farnham, 8 June 2019

Guildford District were the overall winners of the inter-district 10-bell competition which took place at St Andrew’s, Farnham, on 8 June 2019 between teams from Guildford, Farnham and Leatherhead. The test piece was 306 St Clement’s College Bob Caters and the judges were Paul and Kate Flavell.

The results were as follows:
1st place: Guildford District (score 85%)
2nd place: Farnham District (score 72%)
3rd place: Leatherhead District (score 62%)

Opening the general feedback on the ringing, Paul Flavell thanked the Guild for inviting Kate and himself to judge the 10-bell competition for a fifth time. He commented that it had been refreshing to have something a little different as a test piece, in which the dodges at the front presented challenges and the work towards the back generated pleasing runs. The bands had made very few method mistakes and had coped well with the oddstruckness of some of the bells.

Paul made observations on each of the bands in ringing order and gave their equivalent peal speed for information.

Ringing first, the Guildford band settled into a good rhythm early on in the method. The lighter bells had occasionally clipped the bigger bells but the band was commended for the overall evenness of pace and teamwork, resulting in controlled ringing to a high standard. The peal speed was 3 hours 26 minutes.

Leatherhead rang second, with rushed leads and hesitation in some places emphasising the need for consistency of pace throughout. The peal speed was 3 hours 13 minutes.

Following an uneven start with a few early clips and clashes, Farnham had settled into a steady rhythm producing an enjoyable piece of ringing at a peal speed of 3 hours and 7 minutes.