GDGYR August update‏

Dear all

An update on a few things for you. First of all our team at Oxford rang amazingly well and came joint fourth in the call-change category out of 16 bands, so a huge well done to them all. It was a great day as a youth ringing festival too, and we certainly went home tired but happy. Next year the ringing day and contest will be in London on Saturday July 2nd, and I will encourage everyone to come for the day to experience some lovely rings of bells and some famous ones too!

The practice at Epsom had fewer ringers and I know several regulars were away. Those that could make it got a lot of ringing though, and thanks to all the folk that came and helped out.

I have decided to move the 12th September practice as it clashes with a big striking competition in Guildford that day (the Essex Trophy). So the next Young Ringers practice is on September 5th at Shalford (2 miles south of Guildford).

The dates for the rest of the year are:

September 5th – Shalford
October 10th – tba
November 7th – tba
December 5th – tba

We will ring from 4:30pm until 6pm wherever possible.

A most important job needs to be done by YOU over the summer holidays. We need two things:

A Name – GDGYR is my temporary invention
A logo for team polo shirts

So take some pencils and paper and most importantly your creative brains with you on holiday and start designing! We can take a look at the practice at Shalford and you can decide on the best ideas.

So enjoy the summer holidays and see you in September.

Best wishes