GDGYR update‏

Dear all

First of all the next GDGYR practice is at Epsom Common on Sunday July 19th at 4:30 until 6pm. Very nice ring of eight – I hope you can make it!

The Surrey Association is organising a “young ringers” outing to central London for Saturday August 8th and has very kindly extended the invitation to us. I have thought about organising our own outing at some point later in the year, but this should be a good day out – there are some excellent rings of bells up there! The itinerary has not been published, but when it is I will circulate it to you. It would helpful if you can give me an indication of whether you might attend, just so I can report back to the organiser.

I have received an email from the organisers of the Ringing World Youth Contest in Oxford. The draw for the contest will take place this week coming, so we will know precisely when we will be ringing. The rwnyc website has further information on the day now, so please take a look.

Best wishes