Guild 10-bell Competition Results

The Guild 10-bell inter-district competition was held at Leatherhead on 9th July. The judges were Kate and Paul Flavell, who gave the following results. The test piece was Grandsire Caters with 123456 course ends, of which Paul approved.  Paul said they noted some odd-struckness of the bells, but that they expected good striking, so they marked severely.

2016-07-09 11.45.15

Kate Flavell, Paul Flavell, Mark Gill (Guildford)

2016-07-09 11.45.39

Kate Flavell, Paul Flavell, Richard Trueman (Leatherhead)


2016-07-09 11.46.01

Vernon Bedford (Farnham), Kate Flavell and Paul Flavell

Team 1 (Guildford) used their practice time well to get a good rhythm; they sorted out the odd-struckness well and had excellent treble and tenor. They rang at 3h 26m peal speed and scored 87 %.

Team 2 (Leatherhead) also used their practice time well, but the ringing remained slightly uneven throughout with occasional trips. They rang at 3h 18m peal speed and scored 69 %.

Team 3 (Farnham) did not settle during the practice, with a struggle to agree on a speed resulting in slight syncopation and also with some trips near the end. They rang at 3h 12m peal speed and scored 65 %.

Accordingly, Guildford were the clear winners.