Guild 6-Bell Contest 2019

The Guild’s annual 6-Bell striking contest was won by Epsom St Martin’s at Albury on Saturday 9th March.  The results, along with a summary of the judge’s comments, are as follows.

First: 15 faults, Band 7. Epsom St Martin’s. Plain Bob Doubles. Good rounds, good steady pace. A couple of faults at the end made it a close thing.

2nd: 16 faults, Band 6.  Shalford.  Grandsire Doubles.  Very good, steady pace. Relaxed throughout.

3rd: 22 faults, Band 8. Aldershot. Call changes.  Good tenor ringing. Picked up faults at changes.

4th: 30 faults, Band 2. Godalming.  Plain Bob Doubles.  Good rhythm, but a bit unsettled towards the end.

5th: 38 faults, Band 9. Hersham.  Grandsire Doubles.  Some good patches, but slightly unsettled at the end.

6th: 44 faults, Band 4. Leatherhead. Grandsire Doubles. Tenor kept a good rhythm going. A few rushed leads and less steady rhythm in the second half.

7th: 51 faults, Band 3. Yorktown.  Grandsire Doubles.  Some clipping throughout.

8th: 74 faults, Band 5.  Young Ringers.  Plain Bob Doubles.  Tenor gave a good beat, but there was some slow leading and choppiness throughout.

9th: 94 faults, Band 1. Ockham.  Plain Bob Minor.  A bit syncopated and did not settle.