Application for Training Grants

Proposed Application Process for Training Grants from the Guild General Fund
The Guild has for some time been willing to provide financial assistance for the training and development of its ringers. This process explains how applications may be made, and sets out guidelines for applicants.

To make grants towards the cost of learning & development initiatives that will enhance the quality and/or quantity of education provision within the Guild, at both an individual and group level. This covers the development of ringing skills as well as the development of skills for the teaching of ringing.

What may be funded:

  • The initial training of new ringers
  • The skill development of existing ringers
  • The training of teachers of ringing
  • The running of courses
  • The provision of training equipment
  • The encouragement of young ringers
  • Other activities and materials directly associated with training

In addition, where the training proposed is directed towards new ringers, costs associated with their recruitment may also be considered for grant aid.

Who can apply:
Applications may be made by Districts (where District funds are insufficient), towers or individuals. Individual applicants must be current members of the Guild.

Information required from applicants:
Applicants should provide the following information in support of their application:

  • a description of the training activity for which funds are required
  • the tower or towers to which the application relates
  • an outline of why the training is needed and what the benefit will be
  • details of who will benefit
  • cost of the training initiative
  • source of any other funding

Criteria for awarding grants:

  • Grants are assessed on their merits and are subject to available funds.
  • The Executive Committee must be satisfied that the grant offers significant educational benefit and good value for money
  • Funding is intended to make a difference – ensure that training that otherwise might not happen can go ahead, or to ensure higher quality outcomes.
  • The Guild will only fund a proportion of the cost of a project – funds are limited and the benefits need to be spread across the Guild. This is also to ensure there is local commitment, without which the project is unlikely to be successful.

The proportion to be funded is not fixed and each project will be assessed on its merits.

All necessary permissions for the project must have been obtained.
Grants to individuals towards the cost of residential training courses will normally be awarded up to a maximum rate of 50% of the course costs and not exceeding £100.
No individual may apply for more than one grant for their personal benefit per year.

Application process:
Applications should be made to the Guild Training Officer who will ensure that all the required information is submitted.
Applications will be considered by a sub-committee consisting of the Master, Secretary, Treasurer, and Training Officer who will make a recommendation to the Guild Executive Committee.