Health & Safety

Where this is not in conflict with local Parish policies, the Guild urges all towers to adopt the guidance of the Central Council.  This guidance can be found through the following link:

This guidance covers many aspect of the safety of towers and ringers.  Guidance on the organisation of tower open days has been issued by the Ecclesiastic Insurance Society: Opening_Towers_Ecclesiastical_FINAL_2015

Health & Safety Guidance for Guild and District Ringing Events

The following guidance applies to Guild and District Ringing Events:

It is the responsibility of the person running the ringing to assist in minimising the risk of injury to all present. It is the responsibility of all present to co-operate fully in achieving this.

The person in charge shall be guided by the following:

  1. During the ringing they will use their experience and knowledge to identify potentially risky situations and seek to ameliorate them.
  2. Where inexperienced or non-ringers are present they will offer basic safety guidance and ensure appropriate supervision.
  3. It is assumed that the person running the ringing will, in most cases, be familiar with the tower where the event is held. Where this is not the case, steps should be taken to ensure that any local safety issues are identified. This may be by asking a local ringer if there are any such issues, or by asking this question when bookings are being made. If it is not possible to get local input then appropriate precautions should be taken, such as ensuring that only experienced ringers ring the bells until their individual characteristics are identified.


Last updated 20 July 2017