Ivan Saunders, former Guild Librarian,  alongside the library bookcases

The Guild has an extensive Library, said to be the third largest collection of ringing books in the world. It includes complete runs of Bell News, Church Bells and The Ringing World (except the issues 1916-1921). There are also many books on bells, change-ringing, tower maintenance and legal matters.

Indeed, it is more than just a library: it also holds the Guild’s Archives and other historical material. Many books can be borrowed, although some can only be consulted on site.

Visitors to the bookstall at a Leatherhead District Meeting




The library is housed in the crypt of Guildford Cathedral. Access is on the South side of the Cathedral, near the East end down a flight of stairs.

The Guild Librarian is Michael Bryant, with Library Sub-Committee members Catherine Edwards, Malcolm Loveday and John Young..

A Brief History

It was not until 1931 that a Committee was set up to create a Guild Library. The Library was then founded in 1933 as a result of the hard work that he had done already and the enthusiasm of Mr Charles Hazelden of St. Nicolas Guildford. A Sub-committee...

The Bookstall

We hope to have arranged a new team shortly to take on the responsibility of the Chertsey District Bookstall. Further ordering of new books has thus ceased for the time being. In the meantime as a temporary basis please contact John Young at the details...

The Catalogue

The Library contains over 1300 items, mainly relating to bell ringing, but including some general literature. These were completely reclassified and stored in a database during the past four years as a result of which this new catalogue has been produced....