The Bookstall

Ivan Saunders also runs the Bookstall as a service of the Chertsey District to the Guild. The Bookstall is available at the Guild’s AGM, the Holy Week Seminar, all District Nomination and Annual Meetings and at the main Striking Competitions.

Below is the booklist as of February 2009:

20 Questions
3rds Place Delight Book 2
99 Plain Minor Methods
A Centenary 1891-1991
A J Pitman – Unassuming Genius
Alliance Minor Methods
An Index of R/W Comp 1941-92
Basic Collection of Doubles/Triples
Beginners Grandsire
Beginners Handbook
Beginners Plain Bob
Beginner’s Guide to C R on Handbells
Belfry Offices
Belfry Warning Notices
Belfry Warning Notices (Laminated)
Bell Club
Bellringers Diary
Call of the Bells
Campanologia Improved
Change Ringing Hist Art Vol 1
Change Ringing Hist Art Vol 2
Change Ringing Hist Art Vol 3
Change Ringing on Handbells
Church Bells and Towers
Collection of Minor Methods
Collection of Plain Minor Methods 3rd Ed.
Collection of Principles 3rd Edition
Collection of Universal TB MM Comp
Collection Plain Maj – Max Meth 2nd Ed.
Composition 500
Composition 501
Composition 502
Compositions in Popular Major Methods
Comp’s Stedman Caters & Cinques
Comp’s Stedman Caters & Cinques
Conducting & Coursing Order
Conducting Stedman
Criblines 1 Minor
Criblines 2 Major
Dictionary of Campanology
Discovering Bells & Ringing
Doubles & Minor for Beginners
Doubles Collection Part 1
Doubles Collection Part 2
Doubles Method & Variations
DOVES Guide (C.C.P.)
Elementary Change Ringing
Elementary Method Construction
Fourway Table of Minor Methods
Getting it Right – Guidance for Officers
Giants of the Exercise
Giants of the Exercise 2
Guidlines for DIY Project
Guild Library Catalogue
Handbook of Compositions
How to Learn Methods
Index to Compositions 93/96 Supp
Judging Striking Competitions
Kaleidoscope Ringing
Learning Methods
Let all the Bells Ring
Library Catalogue Part 1
Library Catalogue Part 2
Major Records Folders
Manual of Bell Control
Method 300
Method Construction
Method Sheet  DNCB Major
Method Sheet Stedman/Grandsire Triples
Method Splicing
Minor Curiosities
Minor Records Folders
More Brain Benders for Bellringers
New Campanologia
One Per Learner Book
One Way To Teach Handling
Organising a Bell Rest Project
Organising an Outing
Peal of Puzzles
Peal Record Sheets
Peal Sheets for Minor
Place Notation
Proof of Plain Bob Major
Quarter 500
Quarter Peal Record Sheets
Quarter Peal Sheets Minor
R/W Binders After 1980
Raising & Lowering in Peal
Raising and Lowering
Recruiting Leaflets
Recruiting Package
Recruiting Posters
Ring Church Bells for Fun & Friendship
Ringers Handbook
Ringing Basics for Beginners
Ringing Circles – Learn Basic Methods
Ringing Jargon Made Easy
Ringing Skills
Ringing World Calendars
Rules and Decisions 2007
Rung Surprise to end of 2007
Schedule of Regular Maintenance
Service Touches
Service Touches Grandsire
Simulators & Teaching
Snowdon Diagrams
Snowdon Grandsire
Snowdon Ropesight
Sound Management
Spliced Minor Collection
Splicing Bell Ropes
Standard 70
Standard 8 Surprise Major
Standard Methods
Starting a New Band
Striking the Right Note
Symbolic Treatment F.C.H.
Teaching Beyond Bell Handling
Teaching Rounds to P B Doubles
Teaching Unravelled
The Bell Adviser
The Bellringer’s Bedside Companion
The Bellringer’s Early Companion
The Bob Callers Companion
The Follow On Book
The Learning Curve Vol 1 1999-2001
The Learning Curve Vol 2 2002-2003
The Learning Curve Vol 3 2004-2005
The Learning Curve Vol 4 2006-2007
The Method Ringers Companion
The Ringers Exercise Book
The Tower Handbook
The Turret Clock Keepers Handbook
Towards Better Striking
Tower Captain’s Handbook
Tower Record Sheets Minor
Towers & Bells around Guildford
Towers & Bells Handbook
Treble Bob Major Variations
Treble Bob Minor (White)
Treble Bob Minor Book 2
Treble Dodging Minor Methods 3rd Ed.
Triples & Major for Beginners
Tutors Handbook
Variations & Transpositions
Visitors Book Sheets
W G Wilson Change Ringing
Will you Call a Touch Please, Bob