All ringers are invited to apply for Membership of the Guild.

Guildford Guild Leaflet – Welcome to the Guild!

Members may be elected at any business meeting of the Guild or of a District.

Members may also be elected before a peal which it is intended to ring for the Guild provided that the majority of the band are already Resident members. The election of a member before a peal attempt is subject to confirmation at a meeting of the Guild or of a District by the end of the following January.

All Ringing members must be attached to a District, but not necessarily to a tower. If you wish to apply for election, then ask your Tower Captain or any officer of your District or an officer of the Guild, or any other ringing member, to nominate you.

All resident members must pay an annual subscription, which may be at a reduced rate for Junior and Senior Members.

Guild subscription: £10, concessionary rate (65 & over, or under 19): £5.

Non-resident members usually pay a single subscription, although a resident member who leaves the Guild’s area may transfer to non-resident without paying a further subscription.

For precise details governing membership, see the Guild Rules.