The Guild complies with the requirements of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

The Guild also follows the Diocesan Child Protection Guidelines as implemented in individual parishes, and encourages its members to base tower procedures on the Central Council Guidelines where this does not conflict with parish policies.

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 Act aims to give protection to both children and vulnerable adults by extending the requirements for persons working with such groups to be suitably vetted and to provide an agency [Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)] for so doing. It affects both employers and voluntary groups engaged in activities with children and with services to vulnerable adults.

Adult ringers engaged in ‘regulated’ activities with young people under 18 are subject to the Act. Regulated activity in ringing is confined solely to face to face teaching with a frequency qualification of 3 or more days in any 30 or, for residential courses, an overnight stay. Teaching occasions must be aggregated so that anyone teaching in a number of towers or for more than one society may come within the criteria. Ringers 16 and 17 years old who are themselves teaching will also be affected.

There is a lot of information which the Guild Officers will need to digest.  The immediate requirements are fulfilled if members who are teaching young people are CRB checked through their own Guild tower, which in most towers is happening under the Diocesan guidelines anyway. This is now a legal requirement and no-one should now be a regular principal teacher of young people in a Guild tower if they are not CRB cleared through the Diocese (via their home tower).

From July 2010 registration is through the Independent Safeguarding Agency for new CRB applications, and start to be phased in for those with existing checks. This process will remove the need for separate CRB checks to be carried out by each organisation that the person concerned works/volunteers with.

The Guild has a Safeguarding Officer.  The Guild may also need to maintain a register of CRB checked / ISA registered ringing members for teaching activities on a Guild basis.

This is a very brief note to raise your awareness until fuller guidance can be circulated. For further information please refer to the article by Chris Mew on behalf of the CC Tower Stewardship Committee (RW Sept 11th 2009) and the related documents on the CCCBR website (or see below).

Safeguarding Officer – October 2009 (Updated April 2015)