Guildford District Quarter Peal Weekend

The Guildford District held a very successful Quarter Peal Weekend from 14th to 16th October in which all 151 bells in the 20 Guildford District towers were rung to Quarter Peal attempts.

51 District Ringers took part, plus 5 friends from outside the District.

Congratulations are due to the following:

First quarter peal: Julia Jones (Stoke), John Gosden (Wonersh)
First on 12: Laura Gill, Lynda Davis (both Witley)
First Treble Bob: Matt Gill (Witley)
First Surprise Major: Andrea Young (Cranleigh)
First Bristol S Major: Matt Child (University)
First Spliced Major: Matt Child (University)
First Spliced S Royal: Michael Bryant (Guildford, HT and St Mary)

Fourteen of the twenty attempts were successful as follows:

Guildford Cathedral – Grandsire Cinques
Guildford, St Mary – Kent TB Minor
Haslemere – 4 Spliced S Royal
Witley – Yorkshire S Major
Stoke next Guildford – Doubles – 3 methods
Chiddingfold – Grandsire Triples
Shere – Cambridge S Major
Albury – Cambridge S Minor
Hascombe – Doubles – 5 methods
Ewhurst – 4 Spliced S Major
Cranleigh – Cambridge S Major
Bramley – Plain Bob Doubles
Guildford, Holy Trinity – Bristol S Major
Guildford, St Nicolas – Grandsire Caters

Attempts at the following towers were unsuccessful:

Compton – Plain Bob Minor
Dunsfold – Plain Bob Minor
Godalming – Stedman Triples
Alfold – Stedman Doubles
Shalford – Grandsire Triples
Wonersh – Plain Bob Triples

Excellent post-quarter refreshments were enjoyed afterwards at the Bricklayers Arms at Shamley Green.

Many thanks to all who took part, opened up towers and assisted with the organisation.

Chris Rogers