Holy Week Training Programme 2022

At last, we can run face to face training again.

Over recent years Holy Week Training has evolved from 2 or 3 courses on one evening during Holy Week to a Training Programme spreading through April, into May and even June. This year that trend continues with a range of courses being arranged based on requests from around the Guild.

At the time of writing there are already two Train the Trainer courses being run, with good representation from the Guildford District, a Refresher / Bell Handling Masterclass arranged, and a Recruitment Workshop being finalised.

The courses on offer this season are:-

  • Train the Trainer,
  • Recruitment Workshop,
  • Refresher / Bell Handling Masterclass,
  • Belfry Maintenance,
  • Practical Listening Skills and finally
  • Tower Captain Skills of
    • Running a Practice,
    • Building a Band and
    • Retention.

These courses were requested in the Ringing Recovery Survey run last year.

In the current situation where every tower is shorthanded, recruitment and training of recruits is critical, and most towers should take significant benefit from these course.

The full list of course the Guild currently runs is on the website at:-http://guildfordguild.org.uk/training/course-list/

If you’re interested in any of the courses listed above please email me at   Courses will be added to the programme based on demand and, wherever possible, be held within easy travelling distance.

Mike Bale
Guild Training Officer