Holy Week

The traditional Holy Week Training Event this year falls on Tuesday 19th April.

Last year we ran 2 sessions on “Learning a New Method” and how to approach it, and a Steeple keeping session at Ockham. All very well attended.

We have 2 rooms at the Education Centre at the Cathedral booked in anticipation so can run any 2 of options 1 to 4, with the option to arrange a tower if there is sufficient interest in the Belfry Maintenance option 5.

If you are interested in any of the below options please let me know as soon as possible so I can get trainers lined up and prepared. If you are interested in more than 1 option please list your preferences and I can look at re-running a course at a later date.

This year’s course options are lead by a perceived demand from Districts for training related to listening, running practices and to recruiting, hence I would ask you to choose from the following:

1) Listening Skills – Raising Listening Awareness and what to listen for.Based on the Central Council CD. This has produced tremendous results where I’ve seen it used.
It doesn’t help your bell control or the accuracy of your striking, but it does start you on the path to being able to hear when bells are out of place in rounds, and identify which bell it is.
2) From Plain Hunt to Method ringing.Aimed at people who can plain hunt competently, keeping their bell in the right place, and are now looking to explore the vast world of method ringing.
3) An introduction to Running a Practice and Simple Calling.This has 2 target groups, less experienced ringers who are running practices and would like pointers on how to get the best out of their ringers, and those who are competent at 2 or 3 methods and would like to move on to conducting. This would include when to say go and stop in a method, when to admit defeat and call a failing touch round. Time permitting, this could include when to put in calls for Plain Bob and/or Grandsire.
4) Planning and Running a Recruitment campaign.Following a tried and tested process to plan and run a successful recruitment campaign and kick start an initial training programme.
5) A practical Belfry Maintenance Session.Routine tower maintenance. What to look out for when inspecting your bells, how to change a rope, how to check for and correct odd-struckness, and general tips and points on maintaining your bells.

I would also point you towards the training page on the Guild web site http://guildfordguild.org.uk/training/ where there is a fuller list of courses we can run within the Guild.

I look forward to seeing some of you for this event.

Mike Bale.
Guild Master / Training Officer.