Leatherhead District QP Day

Thanks to everyone for their dedication and application today (Saturday 3rd Oct 2015). The summary is that we scored 6 out of the 11 Quarters we went for but this doesn’t tell the whole story as circumstances conspired against us in a couple of places or so and we have done well. A special thanks too to the conductors as I know this loads on the pressure a bit as well and without you days like this can’t happen.

Thanks for the kind words about the organisation (and the bottle). Thanks again to Mike who organised all the towers.

Harriet scored 4 out of 4 which is going it some and we again wish her well as she goes off to Oxford tomorrow to begin her studies (or just more ringing I think as she sees it!).

I’ll get the QPs up on Bellboard etc in the next couple of days and we’ll get a fuller account of the day organised too.

It was fun. And tiring. But lets do it again!

Richard Trueman

…here is a summary of what was attempted & a couple of photos from the day:

QPTowerStart TimeEndMethod
1Christchurch09:0010:00Rutland S. Major
2Ewell09:1510:15Grandsire Triples
3Buckland09:1510:15Grandsire Doubles
4Ockley09:3010:30Single Oxford Bob Minor
5Capel10:3011.30Mixed Doubles
6Banstead10:3011:30Bristol S. Major
7Ashtead11:0012:00Yorkshire S. Major
8Dorking12.1013:15Stedman Caters
9Leatherhead15:0016:15Cambridge Royal
10Ranmore15:0016:15Single Oxford Bob Triples
11Epsom17:0018:00Grandsire Caters