Leatherhead District Quarter Peal Day

We scored three quarters –

Plain Bob Doubles at Capel, called by Ann Steed. This was the first quarter peal for Sue Sullivan and Lynn Boniface – many congratulations.

Grandsire Doubles at Capel, called by Alexander Dixon.  This was a first in the method for Russell King. Again, many congratulations to Russell.

Single Oxford Bob Triples, called by Richard Trueman at Ashtead.  This was a first in the method for Sue Dixon and first in the method inside for Margaret Bale.

Well done to everyone who took part, especially all those firsts.

Three other attempts sadly came to grief – Grandsire at Ockham, Kent Treble Bob at Ewell and Plain Bob Royal at Epsom.  All of these also had ‘firsts’ in them.

There was some excitement at Ewell – the treble stay dropped out with a loud thump whilst ringing but was quickly replaced undamaged. However, bells got crossed in the second attempt and we ran out of time.

Nevertheless, five firsts can’t be bad and achieved our goal of giving people the chance to try something new.