Leatherhead District Quarter Peal Day

In recent years the Guild has labelled October as Quarter Peal Month. In earlier years there was a nominated fortnight and before that a week.
In recent years, it doesn’t appear to have had much impact on the District. The Guildford District have taken steps to do something with a bit more focus. For at least the last 5 years or so they have had a Quarter Peal Weekend (within October) and this has been centrally planned and coordinated and has been very successful.

So this year the Leatherhead District is going to have a Quarter Peal Day, on Saturday 3rd October 2015. I am hoping that we can score a good number of well rung Quarter Peals. The Towers for this will be arranged by the District Secretary. We will then allocate ringers, methods and conductors etc. as appropriate based on the level of involvement that people wish to sign up for. I expect some ringers may ring 1 or 2 Quarters, others might go for 3, 4 or even 5. I want a BIG day of activity and a sense of real collective achievement at the end of it.

I am hoping we will be able to score 8 – 10 good quality Quarters in the day but of course this depends on how many take part, and to what degree. I envisage perhaps 2 places for lunchtime get-togethers and then perhaps we should look at some sort of big central get-together in the evening where we can share our experiences and celebrate our successes, and relax. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for this then please let me know.

This is all going to take quite a bit of planning and we need to get started. But the one thing we need to know before we worry about Towers, methods and conductors etc is simply who is up for taking part? And, how many Quarters each person is up for ringing on the day?

So what would I like you to do?

For now, please decide if you wish to be part of this day. If you do, then simply commit the date to your diary NOW and then simply reply and let me know how many Quarters you might be up for. If you can only manage morning or afternoon then let me know too. Please make sure I can tell who you are from your reply if it is not obvious from your email address. A phone number will be useful too. We’ll worry about travel logistics, car sharing and lifts etc later on. If you have not rung a Quarter yet, or have only rung one or two then, please also let me know.

If you cannot, or decide not to, commit to the day then can you also please let me know. This will save having to chase people up and it’ll save me from repeatedly asking you when I see you!

If you know of ringers in your tower who are not on the Yahoo! Email group then please print the attached and pass them a copy and encourage them to be involved.

Please also ensure there is a copy of the attached on your Tower notice board.

If you have not taken part in a Quarter Peal Day before then this is your chance. They are fun! Tiring, yes, but fun!

If you have any specific issues or worries that means you are in two minds whether to commit then just let me know or give me a call.

I am up for 5! How about you?

Please let me know ASAP. The Deadline for committing to the day is April 30th. The planning then moves on to arranging the Towers etc.


Richard Trueman