Magna Carta Weekend‏

Hi All,

As Magna Carta weekend approaches I know that a lot of towers have celebration ringing planned, peals, quarter peals, 800 change touches, etc.

Malcolm Loveday has been working hard for several years now in planning ringing activities and raising awareness to encourage not just Guild, but national participation, and is very keen to know what towers are planning, and what towers achieve.

The Diocese is also interested to know what ringing has taken place and have asked for an article for publication in The Wey diocesan paper.

Could I ask all towers who are planning special Magna Carta ringing to let both Malcolm and Margaret know your plans, and confirm what you’ve achieved after the event so that the reports and articles can be produced? Good quality photos would also be very much appreciated. This will also enable us to add a report to the Guild website, as we did for the Olympics. Their email addresses are in the cc address line above.

Good luck with whatever you are attempting.


Mike Bale
Guild Master