Privacy Policy Concerns Resolved

We have resolved a concern that had been raised with the Guild’s Executive Committee in relation to our Privacy Policy.  Following consultation with the Information Commissioner’s Office and others we confirm that our Privacy Policy is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

We request all members and users of this website to read our Privacy Policy.  The legal basis on which we process personal information is for the legitimate interests of the Guild.  Our legitimate interests include the reporting of news about the ringing activities of the Guild and its members, the keeping of records of ringing performances and as a means for us to contact members in relation to their membership and activities of the Guild.  This will necessarily mean that we will record and mention people by name.  We may take photographs during ringing activities which may be put on this website or in newsletters.  Such records are an important historical and statistical archive and will be kept indefinitely.

We wish to make it clear that we do not keep, use, sell or transfer members’ personal information for any commercial use or other purpose except in relation to the legitimate activities of the Guild.

Each member should be aware that they give implied consent for us to process this personal information when they join the Guild.  Consent can be further implied by a person’s actions, for example by posing for a photograph.

If any member has concerns about their personal information, they should notify the Guild Secretary.

Jackie Roberts, Guild Master
Roger Tompsett, Guild Public Relations Officer
November 2018