Recovery at Aldershot

We are ringing regularly at Aldershot now. We have set up 2 rotas for practice night with 8 people in 2 sessions of 45 mins. Only 6 ring – the others sit outside or in church. All wear masks and sanitise hands. Our first session is for less experienced ringers and the second is more ‘advanced’ ie it might run to doubles methods. Sunday morning is done on a rota for 6 as well. In practice almost no one is not on the list by the time we have sorted out who is away.

Harry Glover from Frensham and I have agreed to get together with our learners once a month in either of our towers for trial practices – starting in September.

No news on the Dumb bell to help us teach learners – the PCC are preparing to apply for a faculty. One day perhaps!

8 July 2021 – Clare Le Marie