Recruitment advice from Shalford

When I retired/was made redundant, I really thought I ought to recruit a new band, something I had been putting off. Five regulars (and visitors on Mondays) really isn’t good, so I…

a. borrowed the Guild’s “Learn the ropes” recruitment banner that went up along the church wall on the A281 so that everyone coming in and out of Guildford would see it (and so many people did)

b. downloaded and adapted the recruitment posters that went up in most shops and bus stops in Shalford.

… and in walked six new ringers.

But the main piece of advice is that you have to work at recruitment. No good at all doing a piece in your parish magazine (boring) or moaning at your PCC. You do need to get out and put up the banner and print and laminate posters.

Sally Schupke