Ringing Recovery at Frensham

In Frensham we are proposing to re-start Sunday service ringing on Sunday (23rd May) ringing in the same way as we did for a few weeks last summer – so only 4 ringers, wearing masks, staying 1m+ apart, ringing only one bell each, ringing for 15 mins., no gag tests (sorry, LFTs). Ditto for a wedding on 5th June. As last summer, we have a small ‘pool’ of about six ringers willing to ring in this way. Other ringers are, very understandably, more cautious and I fully accept their views. For services and weddings after 21st June if the next step in Boris’ “road map” [what’s wrong with the simpler word ‘plan’?] goes ahead as presently proposed and if there are sufficient ringers are available we will try to ring 6 bells.

As to when we might re-start practices, on/after 21st June might be possible, but we’ll wait and see what Boris and the CCCBR have to say. As Paul Little has, I think mentioned, we conducted a survey of our ringers a couple of months ago, and we fully expect to lose several, and others have lost confidence. But we are hoping to recruit some non-ringers to come and learn. During the ‘shutdown’ period, since March last year, a couple of parishioners have expressed interest, but I am sure we will need more. In short, I foresee an uphill struggle!

 17 May 2020 – Harry Glover