Roger Pashley, Vice President and Independent Examiner

Roger Pashley was first elected as the Guild’s Auditor in 1971 and has been re-elected, first as Auditor and later (when the rules changed) as Independent Examiner each year since then. Thus at the 2021 AGM he was elected for the 50th time and the accounts for 2021 were the 50th set of accounts that he has reviewed. During this time he has assisted seven different Treasurers and eleven Guild Masters. Drawing on his professional expertise as a Chartered Accountant and particularly in charity accounting, he has played a vital role in enabling the Guild to carry out its functions safely and legally.
In addition to his work for the Guild as a whole, he has been auditor/independent examiner for the Chertsey District for even longer, having been first elected in 1965.
Roger’s service to Christ Church, Ottershaw, is just as impressive. He learnt to ring there in 1957, was Tower Captain from 1961 to 2009 and continues as a member of the local band. During his captaincy he was largely responsible for teaching several who have gone on to become tower captains themselves or are otherwise well known in ringing circles, including Jeff Ladd, Simon and Roger Grieve and Jack and Alan Regin. Roger is also Ottershaw Church Treasurer.
His service to the Guild and to Ottershaw tower has been and continues to be outstanding and is well deserving of the honour of Vice-Presidency.