Six-bell striking competition 2017

The Annual Guild Six-bell Striking Competition was held at Newdigate on Saturday 11th March on a warm, spring day.  Five bands entered.

The test piece was 180 changes of Doubles or Minor, or call changes. In the event, four bands rang Doubles and one, Old Woking, rang Bob Minor.

The results are shown in the table below:

1st         Epsom                  53 faults                5 mins 47 seconds
2nd       Yorktown                68 faults               6 mins 22 seconds
3rd        Ashtead                 76 faults                5 mins 38 seconds
4th         Old Woking           82 faults                5 mins 37 seconds
5th         Ockham                 91 faults                6 mins 2 seconds

The judges commented that they did not consider the bells to be easy and that the speed of ringing varied from ‘very fast’ to ‘stately’, but some bands achieved a happy medium.