The ‘Ringing for England’ Campaign

Those who saw the ringing on ‘The One Show’ will have been disappointed but not surprised that the Beeb took the usual disrespectful ‘Mars Bar’ approach, but at least a bit of ringing was shown on prime time TV.

Libby Alexander, who essentially IS the ‘Ringing for England’ campaign, has asked that if ringers would like her to continue, then she would like some feedback as to how ringers might like the campaign to proceed.

My own view is that if we don’t present ourselves as serious musical performers, then the media (and the public) won’t take ringing seriously or give it the respect afforded to other art and music.

As your PRO, I want to find ways of communicating ringing as a serious art form both to the Church and to the public.  If anyone is interested in working on this with me, then please do let me know.

I really do think that the upcoming VE day ringing is a real opportunity to raise some public awareness, and I would urge every tower captain – and every ringer – to ensue that this gets maximum publicity and support in their own locality.

With regards to all,

Roger Tompsett