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10 bells
12 bells
6 bells
8 bells
Chertsey District
Farnham District
Guildford District
Leatherhead District
Albury, SS Peter & PaulGuildford District,Monday,6 bells51.21818, -0.497716 bells, 16 cwt in F
Aldershot, S Michael ArchangelFarnham District,Thursday,8 bells51.24158, -0.756058 bells, 9 cwt in A
Alfold, S NicholasGuildford District,Thursday,6 bells51.09570, -0.520336 bells, 6 cwt in Bb
Ash, S PeterFarnham District,Wednesday,6 bells51.24902, -0.715606 bells, 9 cwt in A
Ashtead, S GilesLeatherhead District,Thursday,8 bells51.30861, -0.290248 bells, 13 cwt in F
Bagshot, S AnneFarnham District,Thursday,8 bells51.36064, -0.699028 bells, 17 cwt in Eb
Banstead, All SaintsLeatherhead District,Wednesday,8 bells51.32195, -0.200928 bells, 21 cwt in Eb
Bramley, Holy TrinityGuildford District,Thursday,6 bells51.19452, -0.557746 bells, 8 cwt in A
Capel, S John BaptistLeatherhead District,Wednesday,6 bells51.15395, -0.320676 bells, 6 cwt in A
Chertsey, S PeterChertsey District,Wednesday,8 bells51.39243, -0.503898 bells, 20 cwt in E
Chiddingfold, S MaryGuildford District,Wednesday,8 bells51.10980, -0.630238 bells, 13 cwt in F#
Chobham, S LawrenceChertsey District51.34689, -0.603368 bells, 9 cwt in G#
Cobham, S AndrewLeatherhead District51.32597, -0.411648 bells, 10 cwt in G
Compton, S NicholasGuildford District51.21438, -0.635006 bells, 4 cwt in C#
Cranleigh, S NicolasGuildford District51.14172, -0.486578 bells, 17 cwt in F
Crondall, All SaintsFarnham District51.23012, -0.862918 bells, 14 cwt in E
Dorking, S MartinLeatherhead District51.23274, -0.3324910 bells, 18 cwt in E
Dunsfold, S Mary & All SaintsGuildford District51.11769, -0.575306 bells, 10 cwt in Ab
East Clandon, S Thomas of CanterburyLeatherhead District51.25489, -0.482303 bells, 9 cwt in A
East Molesey, S Mary VChertsey District51.39868, -0.353738 bells, 10 cwt in G
Egham, S John BaptChertsey District51.43226, -0.5442810 bells, 17 cwt in F
Elstead, S JamesFarnham District51.18274, -0.709133 bells, 4 cwt in Eb
Epsom Common, Christ ChurchLeatherhead District51.33468, -0.285548 bells, 8 cwt in A
Epsom, S Martin of ToursLeatherhead District51.33085, -0.2592810 bells, 16 cwt in F
Esher, Christ ChurchChertsey District51.37006, -0.367088 bells, 7 cwt in Ab
Ewell, S Mary VLeatherhead District51.35212, -0.249108 bells, 12 cwt in F#
Ewhurst, SS Peter & PaulGuildford District51.15308, -0.440958 bells, 12 cwt in G#
Farnborough, S PeterFarnham District51.29252, -0.749968 bells, 6 cwt in Bb
Farnham, S AndrewFarnham District51.21322, -0.8011010 bells, 19 cwt in E
Frensham, S Mary VFarnham District51.16601, -0.797458 bells, 10 cwt in G
Godalming, SS Peter & PaulGuildford District51.18705, -0.616028 bells, 22 cwt in E
Grayshott, S LukeFarnham District51.11097, -0.755228 bells, 8 cwt in Ab
Guildford CathedralGuildford District51.24114, -0.5900412 bells, 30 cwt in D
Guildford, Holy TrinityGuildford District51.23589, -0.571028 bells, 24 cwt in D
Guildford, S MaryGuildford District51.23461, -0.574536 bells, 15 cwt in F
Guildford, S NicolasGuildford District51.23469, -0.5771910 bells, 22 cwt in E
Hascombe, S PeterGuildford District51.14641, -0.569265 bells, 4 cwt in D
Haslemere, S BartholomewGuildford District51.09300, -0.7120610 bells, 13 cwt in F#
Hawley, Holy TrinityFarnham District51.32708, -0.777428 bells, 11 cwt in F#
Hersham, S PeterChertsey District51.36420, -0.402298 bells, 8 cwt in G#
Horsell, S Mary VChertsey District51.32270, -0.570626 bells, 11 cwt in G
Leatherhead, SS Mary & NicholasLeatherhead District51.29265, -0.3271410 bells, 19 cwt in Eb
Merrow, S John EvLeatherhead District51.24612, -0.527536 bells, 13 cwt in F
Newdigate, S PeterLeatherhead District51.16521, -0.288636 bells, 8 cwt in Bb
Oatlands Park, S MaryChertsey District51.37171, -0.427988 bells, 12 cwt in G
Ockham, All SaintsChertsey District51.29798, -0.471836 bells, 7 cwt in B
Ockley, S MargaretLeatherhead District51.15341, -0.347546 bells, 13 cwt in F#
Old Woking, S PeterChertsey District51.30156, -0.537248 bells, 17 cwt in E
Ottershaw, Christ ChurchChertsey District51.36101, -0.535336 bells, 16 cwt in F
Pirbright, S MichaelFarnham District51.29456, -0.650126 bells, 12 cwt in G
Puttenham, S John BaptFarnham District51.22231, -0.665426 bells, 8 cwt in Ab
Ranmore, S BarnabasLeatherhead District51.24174, -0.359998 bells, 19 cwt in E
Seale, S LawrenceFarnham District51.22320, -0.716866 bells, 7 cwt in G#
Send, S Mary VChertsey District51.27912, -0.541026 bells, 11 cwt in Ab
Shalford, S Mary VGuildford District51.22087, -0.570878 bells, 13 cwt in F
Shere, S JamesGuildford District51.21918, -0.462978 bells, 15 cwt in E
Stoke D’Abernon, S MaryLeatherhead District51.31396, -0.381386 bells, 4 cwt in Eb
Stoke next Guildford, S John EvGuildford District51.24711, -0.571286 bells, 7 cwt in Bb
Thames Ditton, S NicholasChertsey District51.39255, -0.332906 bells, 8 cwt in Ab
Walton on Thames, S MaryChertsey District51.38712, -0.417928 bells, 20 cwt in E
West Clandon, SS Peter & PaulLeatherhead District51.25088, -0.505278 bells, 17 cwt in E
Weybridge, S JamesChertsey District51.37167, -0.461258 bells, 11 cwt in F
Witley, All SaintsGuildford District51.14868, -0.647918 bells, 11 cwt in F#
Wonersh, S John BaptGuildford District51.19614, -0.549338 bells, 12 cwt in G
Worplesdon, S MaryFarnham District51.27297, -0.606898 bells, 18 cwt in Eb
Yorktown, S MichaelFarnham District51.33679, -0.759808 bells, 14 cwt in F