Course List & booking form

The Guild is active in teaching people to learn how to ring and encouraging them to advance their ringing abilities. Apart from the Holy Week event, most training is done at District level.

To find out more about learning to ring and about the training we offer, please contact the Guild Training Officer (Mike Bale) or fill out the form below. If demand is too great for one session we can always run another session later in the year.

People learn in lots of different ways. The courses below are mostly practical sessions in a tower. If you think reading the theory will help you then please navigate the links in the right-hand menu.

Courses that are available from the Guild are as follows… when you have chosen, please fill in the booking form and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible:

Bell Handling for BeginnersIntroduction to learning to ring for the first time.Evening or half day
Bell Handling SurgeryAimed at ringers who recognise their bell handling could improve, ideally accompanied by their Tower Captain.Evening or half day
Raising & LoweringPractice in how to raise and lower in peal, and how to lead raising and lowering.Evening or half day
From Rounds to Call ChangesWhat are Call Changes and how to interpret the calls. Covering “Calling Up or Calling Down, the structure of the change.Evening or half day
From Changes to Plain HuntMaking the transition from rounds and call changes to Plain HuntEvening or half day
Learning Your First MethodYou’ve learned to Plain Hunt – what next?Evening or half day
Listening SkillsExercises to encourage people to hear the difference between good and poor striking, and identify unevenness.Evening or half day
Introduction to Bob CallingBasic understanding of how to read and learn touches, where to make the calls and what to start looking out forEvening or half day
From Bob Calling to ConductingSo you can put bobs in, what happens when others start going wrong.Evening or half day
Tower Officers GuideRunning a practice, simple calling, progressing your band, organise ringers tea, organising and outing, working with the church.Evening or half day
Plan & Run a Recruitment DayHow to plan and run a public recruitment session – within the church, general public, scouts/guides, D of E.Evening or half day
Train the Trainer – Initial Bell Handling to Raising and LoweringFor Ringers wishing to trainer bell handling and control to complete beginners3 sessions (evenings or half days)
Train the Trainer – Raising & LoweringHow to safely train people to raise and lower a bell.Evening or half day
Kaleidoscope for ConductorsTraining Conductors on how to call and gain best benefit from the Kaleidoscope approach, and when to use it.Evening or half day
Kaleidoscope for NovicesAn introduction to the Kaleidoscope approach.Evening or half day
Belfry MaintenanceRoutine and advanced belfry maintenance – from regular inspection to initiating major work.Evening or half day