Learn to Ring!

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ringingCartoon(with thanks to: The Cartoon Church)

“Bellringing is a very social team activity that introduces you to a global group of friends!”

Once you have discovered your local tower & found the way in on a practice night, your first step to becoming a bell ringer is to learn the ‘technique’ (right). To do this, your trainer will break this down into two different ‘strokes’. You learn each ‘stroke’ separately: ‘Handstroke (see the red section of rope)’ and ‘Backstroke’ and slowly both are put together. Once you have mastered this & can handle a bell confidently on your own, you typically move onto “Rounds and Call Changes” and eventually method (continuous ‘piece of music’ learnt off-by-heart).

“Ringing in order from lightest bell (treble) down to the heaviest (tenor) in descending scale, is ’rounds'”Discovering Bells & Bellringing

“Rounds” on six bells is demonstrated by the animation on the left. At each stage of your “learning process” you will be closely supervised.

Church Bell ringing is suitable for all ages (10+) and everyone learns at their own speed. In addition to a packed ringing calendar, the Guildford Guild has many social occasions including: BBQs, quiz evenings, fun striking competitions, dinners and many pub visits!

Animations created by fortran.orpheusweb.co.uk.