Bell Handling


(see the end of the rope) Hold the tail end with both hands, right hand over left hand, and let your arms relax fully down. Your tutor will pull on the sally, which will move down, then move rapidly upwards as the bell swings round, taking your hands up over your head; keep your arms relaxed – your tutor will be guiding your hands. Don’t look up to see where the rope has gone – keep looking straight ahead! The objective now is to “hold the bell on the balance” until you are ready to set it swinging back the other way.


(see the red section of rope) With your tutor assisting, pull on the sally and lift the bell from its “set” position so that it is lightly balanced. Now pull down on the sally and remember to let go when your hands reach waist level. The sally will fly upward (but don’t look up!); your tutor will take care of the backstroke and will catch the sally as it returns.

For more information, please read the rest of the article: First Lessons.

Ten Good Handling Tips

      1. Stand correctly.
      2. Relax.
      3. Keep the rope taut.
      4. Arms straight at both strokes.
      5. Hands together at both strokes.
      6. Guide the rope straight down.
      7. Look ahead (i.e. not up or down).
      8 .Tail to the rear of the sally.
      9. All fingers round the sally at handstroke.
      10. Constantly review your handling: we all lapse into lax ways.
      (with thanks to: Suffolk Guild of Ringers)

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