Ringing Concepts

Ten Good Striking Tips

      1. Count the rhythm.
      2. Listen to your bell.
      3. Check for odd struckness.
      4. Maintain constant spaces and speed.
      5. Rely on your ears not your eyes.
      6. Always be self-critical.
      7. Tidy leading.
      8. Only make small adjustments.
      9. Do not believe the ropes.
      10. Practice listening when ringing.

Ten Good Method Tips

      1. Relate the new method to what you already know.
      2. Learn the structure of the method. Write out a complete lead or course change by change.
      3. Learn the method in small bits to start with, then join the bits up.
      4. Familiarise yourself with new types of work.
      5. Learn where you pass the treble and where you work with it.
      6. Learn the place bell order and all the starts.
      7. Learn where you pass your course and after bells and where you work with them.
      8. Learn the Bobs and Singles as part of the method.
      9. Look for signposts, roll ups, familiar changes, back rounds.
      10. Prepare at home and remember:

Proper preparation prevents poor performance
(with thanks to: Suffolk Guild of Ringers)

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