Bobs & Bob Courses


A “Bob” is a call made by the conductor while a method is being rung that alters the pattern of work. This effectively changes the method while it is being rung. Although this is typically done to make a method longer, certain combinations of Bobs may actually make the method shorter. A good example of this is a “Bob Course”, which is defined below.

Exactly what a Bob does changes depending on what method is being rung, so it is vital that all the ringers know what to do. The actual work is defined in the Ringers Diary and various web sites, but a good way to know what to do afterwards is to learn the place bells.

The conductor can only call Bobs at specific times in the method. These are knows as the “Lead Ends”.

Bob Courses

A “Bob Course” is a course of a particular method where the conductor calls a Bob at each lead end.