Tower Organisation & Administration

The Central Council of Church Bellringers has recently released a new set of posters & certificates. The documents included are as follows and are available in PDF & Word format:

  • First Quarter Peal Certificate – simple
  • First Quarter Peal Certificate – complex
  • First Peal Certificate
  • Tower Open Day Poster
  • Bellringing for a Special Occasion Poster

CCCBR Posters & Certificates: PDF version – (Word version)

Running a Tower

Do you check your tower admin regularly! An efficiently run tower will attract and keep more ringers (download the article here ). Check out these jobs in your tower – how many can you tick? Notices : Do you have an up-to-date notice board in the t...

Open Days & Visitors

Members of the public are fascinated to see inside a bell tower. There are two ways you can invite non-ringers into the tower (apart from personally showing round an individual): Group visit - You invite a small party, usually from a community or...