VE Day Ringing at 11am Sat 9 May

The Leader of the House of Commons, William Hague, has written to the Central Council inviting ringers to ring at this time to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the moment that, in his words ‘Peace Broke Out’.

The Central Council has passed this request on to all Ringing Guilds and Associations and I would encourage all towers to ring if at all possible.

I am aware that this coincides with our Guild’s 8-bell striking competition, but hopefully most towers will still have enough people free to ring.

The format of the ringing has not been stipulated by the Government, and no doubt each tower will choose something suitable for the band available.

The Secretary of State has also written to Bishops and other church authorities to inform them.  He says that it might not be ‘possible for all to deliver a ringing of the bells at that precise moment’, in which case some other time over the weekend might be selected. It’s not often that we get a command of this sort to ring, but it does indicate the important role that ringing still has in our national life.

The Letter can be seen here: VE Day 70