Well done to West Clandon!‏

This is just a note to say a big “Well Done!” to the new band at West Clandon who rang for Sunday Service this morning for the first time. We think the last time the bells were rung for a normal Sunday service was about 13 years or so ago and so this is a big moment for the village, the church and all involved.

Quite rightly, the first ‘touch’ was rounds on 6 with an all-local band on the end of the ropes. This was followed by getting all 8 going with a mix of locals and helpers.

Congratulations must also go to Mike & Margaret and all the helpers from both the Leatherhead & Guildford Districts who have put so much work into this since, and indeed before, the recruitment Open Day back in April, just 4 days before the devastating fire at Clandon Park. That all seems a long time ago and yet it is just less than 6 months ago; what was achieved this morning, and what has been achieved in such a short time is quite special.

Once again, well done and congratulations to all involved.

Richard Trueman