Yorktown – Combine your practice with those of other towers

In the autumn of 2019 we at Yorktown organised a ‘home and away’ combined practice with the band at Epsom Common. It gave both bands the chance to ring somewhere different on a practice and get out of the routine of regular practices, and also benefit from having the combined numbers of more experienced ringers to help out where necessary. I think it worked really well!

We had 7 of the Epsom team over early in October, and a similar number of the Yorktown band went over to Epsom a month later. The extra hands made a big difference to what we were able to ring and assist with, but also the social aspect of meeting other ringers and sharing stories over a drink afterwards. If you are finding your practices are a bit short on numbers then I recommend you try it!

David Pearson, Yorktown (27/08/2021)