The Ringing World National Youth Contest 2016

Our Guild’s Young Ringers took part in the 2016 RWNYC held in London on 2nd July.

The contest has grown in size since it started with 12 teams in 2011 to the 24 teams that took part today – that’s over 200 participants and reserves! To get through the contest in one day, the 24 teams were split into three qualifiers that took place in the morning, with the top two teams from each qualifier going forward into the final in the afternoon.

Our band was drawn in the Garlickhythe qualifier, and with an excellent piece of ringing, were judged third in the qualifier and just missed out on ringing in the final.  The judges award every team a grade (like GCSEs) and GDGYR were given an ‘A’.  Across all three qualifiers, nine of the teams were awarded an ‘A’, which shows just how well they rang – a superb effort and a credit to themselves and the Guild.

The official results can be seen here.