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Guildford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers was founded in 1927 and is dedicated to supporting and encouraging traditional bell ringing in the churches of the Guildford Diocese. We have 64 ringing towers divided amongst four Districts and we currently have over 600 members.

We have a Young Ringers’ group which practices once a month. More information can be found on our Young Ringers section. Please encourage your young ringers to join in!

Recent Guildford Diocesan Guild ringing achievements are available: Ringing Achievements.

Young Ringers

Recent Posts & News

20/10/2021: GS2222 and bellringing
GS2222 is a proposal to amend the Church of England's Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011. Of particular concern to ringers is proposed changes to the mechanism for church closures.…
21/09/2021: Challenges and fun at Leatherhead
The peal of Bob Major at Leatherhead on Saturday shows that the Pandemic caused no more than a temporary interruption of progress, in one tower at least.  Jemima Bleackley…
24/08/2021: Guild towers open for Heritage Open Days 2021
Each year people are encouraged to experience local history, architecture and culture for free. This is an ideal opportunity to showcase bells and bell ringing and do a sly…
23/08/2021: Epsom, St Martin’s
The Epsom band continued to enjoy chatting in the (virtual) pub as soon as the lockdowns came into force, and we also managed to ring five bells (1 -…
23/08/2021: Crondall – Every tower should have a simulator
Prior to restarting general practices we held some targeted teaching sessions in the tower using the simulator.  We have one total newbie who started with us during lockdown using…